LA Y supports LAUSD Resolution for Excellence in Expanded Learning

LA Y and LAUSD Resolution for Excellence in Expanded Learning


On Tuesday, November 14, the YMCA of Metropolitan Los Angeles, along with ExpandLA, GPSN, the Beyond the Bell Branch and over 55 not-for-profit youth serving organizations in LA County, joined LAUSD Board of Education member Nick Melvoin and LAUSD Board of Education President Jackie Goldberg in affirming our support of LAUSD’s Excellence in Expanded Learning resolution.

As stated in the resolution: expanded learning opportunities – including before and after school programs – support students, families and communities. They keep youth safe, inspire learning, and provide working parents and guardians peace of mind. The Los Angeles Unified School District is committed to delivering well-rounded, inspiring educational and enrichment experiences during the school day and before and after school as outlined in Pillar 1B of the 2022-2026 Strategic Plan. Quality expanded learning before and after school programs not only promote physical health and well-being, but also support academic and social-emotional development and provide a safe and supportive environment for students…

The YMCA of Metropolitan Los Angeles currently partners with LAUSD to provide a variety of programs and services to students and families, including – but not limited to – before and after school child care and enrichment; PLAY (Physical Learning Activities for Youth); Youth & Government; Get Summer; facility access for swim/aquatic programs; service delivery programs through LAUSD’s department for student health and human services; shared usage agreements; summer enrichment and day camp; Beyond the Bell; youth sports; turkey/thanksgiving basket give-a-ways; and so much more. The LA Y is committed to working side-by-side with the district to ensure that all student are supported in their youth development pathway, from cradle to community well-being success.

The Excellence in Expanded Learning resolution is the first step in widening access to high quality out-of-school time programming for all students in LAUSD, particularly low-income students and students of color. Thanks to the support of school board member Nick Melvoin, the district will continue to strengthen before and after school program coherence, quality, developmental appropriateness, and accessibility. The resolution commissions LAUSD to present to the Board of Education a progress update on implementing the district strategic plan in this area, including the articulation of the broader goals for before and after school programs and metrics of success, 120 days from today. This included a complete analysis of current after school programs serving the district, stakeholder input from
parents, students and community-based organizations (like the LA Y) and advocacy for more funding and support to be incorporated into the 2024 district’s advocacy agenda as a legislative priority at the local, state and national level.

LAUSD alum Christopher Jefferson, Senior Vice President of Youth Development for the YMCA of Metropolitan Los Angeles, joined other not-for-profit youth serving leaders advocating for this resolution. He shared with the LAUSD Board of Education, “We believe that a major developmental asset that every student needs to succeed is the presence of adult role models, who model positive and responsible behaviors. Expanded Learning programs provide an additional and needed layer of positive adult support for students, which is why we believe that deeper investments in expanded learning is critical. We are mosaics of the people we meet, the people we love and the people who care deeply for us. Expanded learning programs help students gain a sense of belonging, which is key to their positive youth development”.


Upon a voice vote, the resolution passed unanimously and will now move forward. We thank LAUSD Board of Education members Scott Schmerelson and Tanya Ortiz Franklin for joining Nick Melvoin and Jackie Goldberg as co-sponsors for this resolution.

We appreciate the district’s investment in expanded learning programs and the access and opportunities that they bring to our most vulnerable students across LA county. This is why the LA Y supports the district’s Excellence in Expanded Learning resolution. The YMCA of Metropolitan Los Angeles is committed not only to the cradle to career success of every young person in Los Angeles, but also to the overall community well-being of all. We stand with the district in celebrating our collective efforts to support LA students and we thank you for your investment in expanded learning programs

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