As the largest provider of swim lessons in Los Angeles, the Y has swim lessons for every age and ability. Choose from weekday, weekend or evening classes for youth and adults. If you prefer, we also offer private lessons!


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Parent & Child

Accompanied by a parent, infants and toddlers learn to be comfortable in the water and develop swim readiness. Parents learn about water safety and drowning prevention.

Preschool Swim Lessons

Children learn water safety, basic swimming competency and progress through levels as they develop skills.

School-Age Child

Students learn personal water safety, achieve basic swimming competency, and progress to learn about the four competitive swimming strokes.


Teens progress through YMCA swim levels, from entering the water confidently to refining their strokes.


Choose from different levels of classes, beginning with water safety and swimming competency, to building and refining stroke techniques.

Private Swim Lessons

We understand that group lessons aren’t for everyone. For those who prefer one-on-one time with a YMCA swim instructor, we offer private lessons.

2023 Monthly Session Dates


Monthly Session Dates

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Program Member Online Registration

January 2 – January 31

December 12

December 14

February 1 – February 28

January 23

January 25

March 1 – March 31

February 20

February 22

April 1 – April 29

March 27

March 29

May 1 – May 31

April 24

April 26

June 1 – June 30

May 22

May 24

July 1 – July 31

June 26

June 28

August 1 – August 31

July 24

July 26

September 1 – September 30

August 21

August 23

October 2 – October 31

September 25

September 27

November 1 – November 30

October 23

October 25

December 1 – December 23

November 27

November 29



Branches Offering Swim Lessons: 

Before Class Checklist:

  • Please arrive on time, dressed in a swim suit and ready to swim.
  • Please bring your towel, goggles, swim caps and water. 
  • All instructional equipment (noodles, kick boards, etc.) is disinfected before and after use.