Now Reopening June 2023


We are incredibly excited to reopen our Hollywood facility to the community once again. As you know, in 2020, we began our $8 million renovation project which includes a new Welcome Center, state-of-the-art fitness center, new locker rooms, and added security features.

We have been working tirelessly towards reopening, but unfortunately had to delay our reopening due to supply shortages, delivery disruptions and unexpected construction factors. 

The good news is that clean up and final touch ups have been completed! However, we are currently waiting on a lift elevator to be delivered and installed in order to provide our members with diverse abilities access to the Y through the newly constructed parking lot.

We will continue to work diligently towards reopening in June, and look forward to welcoming the community back to a safer, cleaner, and more innovated Hollywood YMCA.

Please check back here for more updates. We will also notify you as we know more.



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A Sneak Peak into Our Renovations


Hollywood YMCA Welcome Center

LOBBY: We’ve reimagined your entry to the Hollywood Y with safe, dedicated underground parking and a Y members only access to our brand new lobby. The lobby redesign provides members with better entry into and and easier exit out of our branch while at the same time, providing you with easier access to the Welcome Center. Just past the entry gates, you will find a place to sit and connect with other members before and after a workout.  


Hollywood Fitness Area with Equipment
Hollywood Fitness Area

FITNESS AREA: Our brand new cardio room overlooks our courtyard and has tons of windows for natural light. When our branch fully opens to the public, we will have Lifefitness® treadmills, cross trainers, and power mills as well as ARC trainers, recumbent bikes and even some upper body strength equipment. We can’t wait for the equipment to arrive so you can experience this new space!
Hollywood YMCA Fitness Studio
Group Exercise Studio
Hollywood Yoga & Meditation Studio
Yoga & Meditation Studio


Hollywood YMCA Strength Training Studio
Gymnasium & Strength Training Studio


Hollywood YMCA Gymnasium




Hollywood YMCA Capital Campaign


Yes To More Hollywood YMCA


Our capital campaign ensures that we can continue to have a long-lasting and impactful presence in our community. By modernizing and enhancing our footprint, we will continue to be a safe space for all in the community for generations to come.

Investing in a reimagined new Hollywood YMCA means more people will be able to share in meaningful experiences, means that the Hollywood Y will be able to impact more lives, it means that our neighborhood Y will effectively and holistically be able to empower youth, family and the entire Hollywood community far into the future.


Hollywood YMCA Outdoor Social & Fitness Park
Hollywood YMCA Outdoor Social & Fitness Park


Hollywood YMCA Educational & Performing Arts Center
Hollywood YMCA Educational & Performing Arts Center


Hollywood Men's Locker Room
Hollywood YMCA Men's Locker Room


Hollywood YMCA Women's Locker Room
Hollywood YMCA Women's Locker Room




Thank you for your patience as we make improvements to our Y. 

Hollywood Floor plan