Model United Nations (MUN)

Model United Nations is an engaging and educational program that allows students to step into the shoes of diplomats from around the world. Through research, debate, and negotiation, participants gain a deeper understanding of international affairs, develop critical thinking skills, and enhance their public speaking abilities.

Our MUN program goes beyond traditional classroom learning. It offers a dynamic and interactive platform for students to explore global issues, build leadership skills, and foster a sense of community. Our staff guides participants through the process, ensuring a supportive and enriching experience.

Program Highlights

  • Educational Experience: Students will delve into real-world issues, research current topics, and present their findings in a model United Nations conference setting.
  • Skill Development: Participants will enhance their public speaking, critical thinking, and negotiation skills – valuable academic and personal growth assets. 
  • Team Building: The program promotes collaboration and teamwork, allowing students to form lasting connections with peers who share similar interests.
  • Global Awareness: YMCA MUN provides a unique opportunity for students to broaden their perspectives and develop a better understanding of diverse cultures and global challenges.

Branches offering Model United Nations (MUN):

  • Anderson Munger Family YMCA (Koreatown)
  • Antelope Valley Family YMCA
  • Collins & Katz Family YMCA (West LA)
  • Culver-Palms Family YMCA
  • Downey Family YMCA
  • East Valley Family YMCA (North Hollywood)
  • Gardena-Carson Family YMCA
  • Hollywood YMCA
  • Ketchum-Downtown YMCA
  • Mid Valley Family YMCA (Van Nuys)
  • Montebello-Commerce YMCA
  • North Valley Family YMCA (Porter Ranch)
  • Palisades-Malibu YMCA
  • Pasadena-Sierra Madre YMCA
  • San Pedro & Peninsula YMCA (Palos Verdes)
  • San Pedro & Peninsula YMCA (San Pedro)
  • Santa Anita Family YMCA (Monrovia)
  • Santa Clarita Family YMCA
  • South Pasadena San Marino YMCA
  • Southeast-Rio Vista YMCA
  • Torrance-South Bay YMCA
  • Weingart East Los Angeles YMCA
  • Weingart YMCA Wellness & Aquatic Center (South LA)
  • West Valley Family YMCA (Reseda)
  • Westchester Family YMCA
  • Wilmington YMCA

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