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The Hispanic/Latino Leadership Network (HLLN) is a network of Latino YMCA staff and volunteers from across LA County committed to genuine and meaningful engagement of Hispanics/Latinos in the YMCA.  HLLN  cultivates resources to develop the Y's capacity to meet the needs of the growing Hispanic/Latino population.  HLLN seeks to increase the engagement and professional growth of Latinos in the YMCA, assist YMCAs to reach and serve Latinos and to sensitize the greater YMCA community on issues important to Latino communities.

HLLN is one of six Y-USA recognized Employee Resource Groups who aim to advance our diversity, inclusion, and global initiatives by providing targeted support to underrepresented communities.

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Interested in joining the Hispanic Latino Leadership Network? Contact our ERG co-chair, Omar Torres, at OmarTorres@ymcaLA.org.


Learn how you can help serve migrant children at the border.



The LA Ys Hispanic Latino Leadership Network (HLLN) has been working in collaboration with the Casas YMCA de Menores Migrantes to understand how to better serve the migrant children at the border.

The 2018-2019 migrant caravans from Central America made the YMCA of Mexico pivot and serve new population of migrant youth coming from all of Latin America to address the human rights issue. The LA Y’s HLLN has tasked itself with fundraising $50,000 to begin to address capacity and resources needed for the Casas YMCA to manage its operations. Operations across all three border sites (Tijuana, Ciudad Juarez, Piedras Negras) costs upwards of $260,000 per year. Due to the pandemic, most revenue generating operations that helped support the Casas YMCA were impacted putting the whole operation at risk of shutdown.

Donating to this cause goes a long way to address the needs of our neighbors just south of the border. Any amount can make a difference.

  • $50 - provides a month of basic emergency shelter for a migrant youth
  • $100 - provides a change of clothes, shoes, and personal hygiene items for a migrant youth
  • $250 - provides psychological, legal and health services for a migrant youth
  • $500 - covers all the expenses of a one month stay for a migrant youth preparing to present their immigration case assisted by pro-bono lawyers.


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