Aaron Yamin, President of the Palisades-Malibu Delegation (Grade 12) 

“Use this time as an opportunity to grow not only politically but overall as a person. Within this program, you have the privilege of meeting delegates from a plethora of different backgrounds, all with different political views, so take advantage of it, ask them questions, hear their ideas, and have fun!”



Aileen Fateha, President of the Anderson Munger Delegation (grade 12) 

“This program is on a smaller scale which allows many other delegates to connect with others within their community. The conferences are the highlight of my year, and getting to debate about issues that are important to me is fantastic. This program has taught me to develop social skills furthermore it has enhanced my leadership skills. Make your voice be heard, and do not be afraid to advocate for what you believe in. I encourage delegates to be interactive with others, cooperate with people around you, build long-lasting relationships, and overall enjoy your time in T&G.” 



Ryan Cardinali, President of the SPPY-PV Delegation (Grade 12)

“Know that your voice does matter and everyone wants to hear what you have to say.”



Bella Delgado, Chaplain of the SPPY-PV Delegation (Grade 11)

“Do whatever feels right to you. I don’t think it’s possible to regret taking a position in this program. Get to know as many people as you can if you want to go for a position!”



Natalie Mishkin, former delegate '14

“Take advantage of optional sessions. And wear a tanktop to the dance! It gets sweaty.”



Ethan Shamoeil, Palisades Malibu Delegate

“Go for it! If you have a passion for something, just go for it. You have to understand that it’s a big commitment and we must hold our elective officials responsible, but if you can do that, you shouldn’t think too hard about it! Don’t take any experience for granted - you never know if you’ll have an experience like this again.”



Jackson Bernard, EVY 818 Delegate

“What you put into this program is really what you get out. The more you put in, the more you talk, the more you question the candidates allows you to really devote yourself to it rather than merely watching at a distance.”



Frequently Asked Questions 

How much of a time commitment is Teens and Government?

Typically, each delegation meets once a week for around an hour. Additionally, each delegation attends three conferences throughout the year, which are usually held on the weekend of November 14th, MLK weekend, and the weekend of Valentine's day. While some program areas assign work outside of the conference schedule, it is typically not very time-consuming. 

What type of students are involved in Teens and Government?

What’s special about Teens and Government is that our students come from all over the LA area, all with different political beliefs and backgrounds. The students within T&G are open to listening to all political views, allowing conversation on topics that many feel uncomfortable addressing in everyday life. No opinions are discarded or thought of as insignificant, encouraging all delegates to voice their respective opinions. 

Do students need to be strong public speakers to join Teens and Government?

No! While there are many students within the program that are extraverted and enjoy speaking on topics, everyone has to start somewhere. Teens and Government teaches students to step outside of their comfort zones, whether that means talking among their peers in a smaller group setting or campaigning in front of the entire program. There are a variety of different ways students can participate, and if they are more comfortable merely writing legislation, rather than speaking, they are welcome to do so!

Do you have to be interested in a career in politics to join Teens and Government?

Not at all! While there are many delegates invested in the political happenings of their city, country, or world, that’s not the sole focus of the program. T&G has something for everybody! T&G offers a media program for those interested in journalism, a school board program for those interested in bettering public education, and many more! Delegates often find that their self-confidence, public speaking skills, and social skills improve with T&G. Delegates are focused on bettering the world around them, but are equally invested in bettering themselves. 

What does a day in the life of a T&G delegate look like?

A typical day at a Teens and Government meeting is different for each respective delegation, with many even having themed meetings. Meetings start off with an invocation given by the delegation’s chaplains, which is typically a motivational speech. Then the delegates partake in an ice breaker, to start off the meeting on a joyous note. Following the ice breakers, students discuss different current events topics as well as speak on bills, in a debate style format. Upcoming events are then brought up, whether this be conference information or different campaigns, such as the YMCA’s Annual Giving Campaign, in which students phonebank and solicit donations in hopes of raising money for delegates in need of financial aid. Lastly, the champlains give a benediction to end the meeting on a positive note. 

Is it worth it?

A lot of outsiders think of T&G as just extra school work. While there is a fair amount of learning taking place, and delegates are expected to put effort into their projects, it is so much more than that! At T&G you are encouraged to step out of your comfort zone and try new things, with the support of your peers, advisors, and staff. Teens and Government provides a safe place for many to express their views and opinions free of judgement. It is a place where you can meet lifelong friends and make lifelong memories. So yes! Teens and Government is worth it!

Does Teens and Government have financial aid for delegates?

Yes! Contact your student’s delegation advisor to access the financial aid forms!