The Y Teen Resource Center provides information and support to Teens through Health & Wellness, activities, Social Responsibility & Community Services, and College & Career Readiness programs.

Health & Wellness

The YMCA is focused on motivating you to stay active, centered on fitness and mental health. Watch this short video to learn about the importance of staying active and the importance of self-care in regards to your well-being.

  • Teen Line - A teen-to-teen hotline with community outreach services – was born.
  • Nike Running Club App - Your Perfect Running Partner. Track your runs, get coaching that adapts to you, and bring your friends along for the ride.
  • YMCA Take a Time Out - The LA Y has partnered with basketball great Metta World Peace (formerly Ron Artest) to provide families with anti-stress techniques to help create a calm home environment. 
  • Head Space - Headspace and the LA County Department of Mental Health have partnered to provide support and resources during this challenging time.
  • YMCA 360 - The Y continues to be your support for health and wellbeing, wherever you are. Regular exercise is one component of a healthy lifestyle that can help reduce stress and prevent illness.

Social Responsibility & Community Service

The YMCA understands the impact of social responsibility and service to your community. Watch this short video to learn about way you can contribute solutions to current issues in different communities.

  • Census - Learn how the YMCA is focusing on supporting communities to complete the census. Become a youth census ambassador and be part of the change you want to see.
  • Register to Vote - If you are 16 or 17 years old and have the privilege to vote, you can now register to vote and receive information about upcoming elections and be ready to cast your vote as soon as you turn 18 years old. If you are currently 18 years old, and have not registered or don't know if you have click the link and register today.
  • Volunteer Opportunities - To find out about volunteer opportunities, check out the YMCA project catalog for opportunities that fit your needs.
  • LA Works - Find volunteer opporunties throughout LA county by visiting L.A. Works.

College & Career Readiness

The YMCA will introduce topics focused on college and career readiness and information from partnered organization and free online resources. Watch this short video to learn about free resources that can help you prepare for college and career.


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